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Women's Cuff Links from The Vest Practice

Ottoman Cufflinks

Reminiscent of Ottoman decorative flourishes, the Ottoman Leaf provides a signature detail.
Adorn your cuff and feel linked in to history.


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  • These cufflinks fit a standard opening
  • Square face with raised finish
  • Black / silver floral pattern
  • Bullet bar connector at back
  • Solid strength in this stylish cufflink design.

    Ask a stylist about getting linked in!
    Phone +0064 5482975    Mon-Fri 10am-6pm (NZST)

We believe luxury isn’t about spending the most money, it’s about having what no one else does.
Set the sartorial standard in the office or eyeball the boss on equal footing.

  • Pair with a crisp white shirt
  • Missing cufflink openings?  A tailor will create a cufflink opening and leave the original closure button in place. You can have it all!
  • Made in China.
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