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Women's Cuff Links from The Vest Practice

Red Line Cufflinks

Great design never dates.
Classic striped cufflinks, timeless in the style stakes.


In stock


  • These cufflinks fit a standard button hole opening
  • Metal with dashing red enamel
  • Bullet bar connector at back
  • Solid strength in this stylish cuff link design.

    Ask a stylist about getting linked in!
    Phone +0064 5482975    Mon-Fri 10am-6pm (NZST)

We believe luxury isn’t about spending the most money, it’s about having what no one else does.
Set the sartorial standard in the office. Pair cufflinks with a crisp white shirt.

  • Missing cufflink openings?  Your tailor will create a cufflink opening and leave the original closure button in place. Why not have it all?
  • Made in China.
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